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Over the last few days, I heard a lot of health issues from people around me. Bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus, gout, kidney failures, slipped disc, ears problems, hypertension, eczema and cancer! It’s very sad to be sick and even more heartache to see your loved ones being sick and you couldn’t do anything about it.

Ever since Yangyang had lupus, I have been researching on alternatives to help her and I found negative ions clothes. Yangyang had been very cooperative in wearing the layers I put on her over the last 3 months. Impact on her?

1. When she was admitted to hospital for 11 days, she was pricked over 30 times. Her little hands were all bruised and doctors have to squeeze her hands to take enough blood for tests. I could only swallow my tears. Ever since she started wearing negative ion clothes, her blood vessels became clearer and blood flow was very smooth. Now she just needs 1 prick for all her blood tests.

2. Her body temperature was always around 37.5-37.8 feverish when she first discharged. With negative ion clothing, she sweats really a lot a lot! Her body temperature is well maintained now. Now, she doesn’t sweat that much anymore.

3. When Yangyang was admitted for her bi-weekly chemotherapy, the nurses came to ask what she was wearing because they always see the same pyjamas on her. They also found that she looked and progressed better than other patients who were on the same chemotherapy.

I wouldn’t say that all these progresses are purely due to negative ion clothes, but it certainly does help.

My mom had very bad backache and heel spurs. She has very high pain tolerance and will never tell us that she’s in pain. Sometimes I see her eating pain killers secretly and patching the panaflex patch on her back.

When I bought negative ion clothes for Yangyang, I started buying pieces for my mom too. As soon as I bought her more and more items, she told me she had no backache anymore! And her heel spurs seem to improve! Well, she doesn’t take any supplements all these years. So I couldn’t think of any other reason that helped on that situation.

Today I received the *best news! My dad’s blood test results were great! He has cancer and did a new treatment in Sept. The treatment didn’t aid his condition but emptied his bone marrows! We went to Pantai Hospital for blood specialists.

Everyday transfusing platelets after platelets, antibiotics after antibiotics but his platelet reading remained at 1 (normal is 150 to 450). Doctors couldn’t do anything else and my dad was asked to go home on 10 Oct. I earlier bought my dad some negative ion items but he was not a believer in this so hardly use.

Without any other options, I bought him the full set of negative ion clothing and sort of forced him to wear. For the last 2 weeks he has been improving. Today 31 Oct, he did a blood test. All his blood results improved! Platelets increased to 15, white blood count from 0.5 to 5!

Not perfect, but at least it is a new hope. His PSA (cancer index) was the *lowest for the past 1.5 years! Are these results from wearing negative ion clothing? You tell me!

You can continue to doubt the effect of negative ions clothing on our health. But many many people out there have regained their health by just changing a set of clothes, including my family.

I just wanted to share this so all of my friends and family have the opportunity to at least know about the existence of negative ion clothes. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn about this.

My in-law’s lupus class started to use the full set on April 15th of this year. So far, Jibang has helped her relieve the pain of the disease and has improved a lot. She doesn’t have to go to the hospital every month, and she can still recover.  I have traveled far away, and I am really grateful that the company’s products have brought us all health and beauty. Thank you.


Share your experience of witnessing lupus erythematosus:

My eyes are wet: Haoyuegao District himself is a computer store owner.  My wife, Lin Xingru, has lupus erythematosus (that is, a blood test, the index is just shy of meeting the standard of lupus erythematosus, but the symptoms are the same as lupus erythematosus).

She must take 30 steroids every day, and the highest record is reached  A dose equivalent to 120 steroid pills, and he also used a lot of health products.  However, his health condition worsened, and he even signed a red ticket and was sent to the emergency room.

Later, my wife unexpectedly became pregnant with a second child. Due to her long-term medication and her own medical condition, the doctor recommended that the fetus be removed, otherwise the lives of both mother and fetus would be in danger.

After some struggle, Haoyue Gaoqu and his wife decided to work hard to save the fetus.

During pregnancy, my wife suffered from leg cramps, and even taking a lot of calcium prescribed by the doctor could not improve it. Although the introducer Cai Yalin Gaoqu strongly recommended it, Haoyue Gaoqu only invested in socks because of his previous experience in using health food.

My wife also has no leg cramps after using it. The baby was born prematurely at 7 months old, weighing only 1,500 grams. The baby was very small and lived in an incubator. I am very grateful to the medical staff for allowing the baby to use the pain patch (Haoyue Gao District told the medical staff that the pain patch was given by my grandma with blessing).

The baby sleeps on a pain patch, the size is just right. Babies have strong willpower and grow up healthily after using negative ion products.  After giving birth, my wife’s blood pressure soared to 300, almost off the charts.

Based on her previous experience with the product, my wife decided to use the product in large quantities; she changed into negative ion healthy clothes every day according to three meals a day, and wore a total of 5 layers of negative ion clothes.

Blood pressure returned to normal after extensive use of Nefful negative ion healthy clothing.  And no more steroids after 6 months!  At the same time, the eldest daughter’s bronchial problems have also improved.

The fatty liver in Haoyuegao District completely disappeared after 2 years!  These are all improvements obtained after using negative ion health clothing in large quantities, for a long time, and at close range.  All of this is very grateful to Nevelu for producing such a great negative ion product.  Share the trust and gratitude between people and spread this love.  This sharing not only improves a person’s health, but also makes a family happier.

The picture below shows Haoyue Gaoqu and his two precious daughters.  Looking at Haoyuegao District’s cute four-year-old daughter, I felt even more moved.


我眼睛都湿了: 豪岳高区本身是位电脑店老板。太太林倖如因类红斑性狼疮(也就是抽血检查,指数差一点才符合红斑性狼疮的标准,但症状就跟红斑性狼疮一样),每天必须服食30颗类固醇,最高纪录更是达到相当于120颗类固醇的剂量,也曾大量使用保健产品。但,健康状况每况愈下,期间甚至签红单,送急诊。 后来太太意外怀有第二胎,由于太太长期服药及本身的病况,医生建议把胎儿拿掉,否则母亲和胎儿都会有生命危险。经过一番挣扎,豪岳高区和太太决定努力保住胎儿。

怀孕期间,太太脚抽筋,大量吃了医生开的钙也没办法改善。虽然介绍人蔡雅霖高区大力推荐,但因为之前使用保健食品的经验,豪岳高区只投资了袜套。太太也在使用后,没有脚抽筋了。 宝宝7个月就早产,只有1500克,宝宝很小,住在保温箱。非常感恩医护人员,允许宝宝使用痛贴贴(豪岳高区告诉医护人员,痛贴贴是阿嬷去拜拜,有加持的)。宝宝睡在一块痛贴贴,大小刚刚好。

宝宝意志力很强,在使用负离子产品后健康成长。 太太产后血压飙高至300,几乎破表。基于之前体验产品的经验,太太决定大量使用产品;按照3餐每天勤换负离子健康衣服,总共穿了5层负离子衣物。大量使用妮芙露负离子健康衣物后血压恢复正常。而且6个月后就没有再吃类固醇了! 同时大女儿的支气管问题也得到了改善。而豪岳高区本身的脂肪肝2年后完全消失!这一些都是在大量、长时间,近距离使用负离子健康衣物后得到的改善。

这一切都非常感恩妮芙露出产了这么棒的负离子产品。感恩人与人之间的那份信任、那份感恩的心而分享,并把这份爱传出去。这份分享不但改善了一个人的健康,也让一个家庭变得更幸福。 下图为豪岳高区和两位宝贝千金。看着豪岳高区四岁可爱的小女儿,心里更是满满的感动。

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