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I know that some friends must think I am crazy.

Yes, after avoiding the invitation of direct selling insurance for so many years, I actually took the initiative to use the product and then joined in sharing.

Twenty years ago, when I was in Zhuke, I took over a client who gave me a negative ion fur collar. Since then, I have spent several winters relying on this fur collar. I bought a set of negative ion blankets and protective gear and am using them. I don’t know that she has improved a lot after using negative ion knee pads for a long time due to knee degeneration. Blankets to cover, and the kids always squeeze in and cover them together.

Twelve years ago, after the divorce, I chose to seal up many memories, and I also forgot the comfortable feeling of using negative ion clothes in my former home.

A year ago, I left my hometown and moved to Dongguan. I accidentally saw my partner Cai Kate, who was in the Science and Technology Living Museum, posting a post on Facebook to share negative ion clothes. ? If yes, I’ll buy a neckband.”

From then on, my life began to change!

At the beginning of my arrival in Dongguan, I only took two medicines with me: painkillers and antihistamines.  For my frequent #allergynasal congestion, #hives, and pain from #adenomyosis.

I suffered from menstrual pain for many years and couldn’t stand up straight. At that time, I had to take two painkillers every time to suppress it. The hives had reached the point where the medicine didn’t work and I could only get injections. I was afraid that people in the mainland would not be able to suppress the constant attacks condition.

As for me, from the moment I took the initiative to send a message to experience Nefful’s products, and let myself start to experience it, my quality of life has completely changed.

Half a year ago, when I returned to Taiwan, I tried wristbands, corsets, belly girdles, socks, eye masks, and nightcaps because of the good experience of using the neckband. I also asked Kate to send me a neckband for me. Allergic rhinitis, stuffy nose so stuffy that I can’t sleep, I want to cut off my daughter’s nose to use it. Both of us mother and daughter obediently let our bodies test whether it is really so wonderful, it is true.

My daughter has never had a seizure again, and even last week, I asked her if she used it again, and she pointed to the bag, and the child actually carried it with her and used it!

My adenomyosis causes abnormal pain during menstruation. The doctor once told me to remove it if it really doesn’t work. Now it doesn’t hurt! Migraine doesn’t hurt anymore!

Last week, I got sick due to the virus and took sick leave for two days. In these two days, I wore negative ion wristbands, neck socks, corsets and belly circumference. With my head wrapped around my head, I felt the relief in my abdomen, the warmth of my hands and feet in the symptoms of tiredness, chills, and stomach cramps, but there was a continuous chill from the Baihui point on the top of my head, which completely shattered my love for this product. The last bit of doubt about my career, I am over it!!!

I had a reunion with my classmates at noon yesterday. The middle-aged us started talking about health. During the chat, I suddenly had an idea and sent a message to Kate saying that I decided to invest in my health and gave myself a full set of quilt clothes.

I really didn’t expect that when others pushed me before, I would not even be a bird because it was direct sales, but this time, no one pushed me, and I jumped down by myself, just because I deeply understood the truth that my body told me Feeling, since I can buy long-term care disability insurance for fear of being too bad in old age, why don’t I invest in good health-supporting products at this time in middle age, just like sports, as long as you start, everything is in time, this What’s wrong?

So, I must say, give yourself a chance and take care of yourself.





一年前,已經離鄉背井到東莞的我,意外看到在科技生活館時期的合作夥伴 蔡凱特在臉書發文分享負離子衣物,看了幾次,我就傳訊問她:「你做妮芙露嗎?如果是,我要買一條圍脖子的。」


到東莞初期,我身上只帶了兩種藥:止痛藥、抗組織胺。為了我常犯的 #過敏鼻塞、#蕁麻疹,還有因為 #子宮肌腺症 產生的疼痛。










This Mrs. Lin is in her 80s. She used to have migraine headaches and sensitive skin. For a long time, her family had more than 20 doctors. After reading various methods of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, she could not solve her problems.

Itching all over her body for a long time, she couldn’t sleep well, she was crawling to the point of bleeding due to itchy skin, and he couldn’t sleep until she came across someone introducing Neferu’s products.

She thought that the doctor had read so many books and couldn’t read it well. How could these two pieces of cloth be good? But she had seen many doctors, took a lot of medicine, and tried many methods, but it didn’t work.

She put one piece on her chest and put it on her back. She didn’t think that she would sleep until dawn that night. She thought it might be a coincidence, but it was the same the next night. She believed it, so she bought a full set and wore it day and night.

Her left ear swelled up, and after a few days it was swollen like a red light cannon, and the back of the left ear had been thick for two weeks with a strong smell.

After a while, her migraine headaches and skin allergies disappeared. Of course, after several detoxifications, the skin was itchy again, but it was much better each time, and after that, it completely disappeared.  Well, here is her testimony ❤️

The beautiful mother of 4 children, Jialin District Manager, came into contact with negative ion products due to the introduction of Huashu District General Manager a few years ago. At first, 100,000 people did not believe that the clothes and quilts could bring health. Later, she learned from friends that the products are really good.

Now a lot of investment products are used for myself and my family. What problems can I improve for myself and my family? Jialin improves the migraine from childhood to adulthood. I used to have a headache when I used to ride the West Rail and I would vomit when I had a severe headache.

Menstrual problems, I used to rely on doctors to prescribe medicine every month. Since I use negative ion products, I have natural and normal menstruation every month, and I have improved the problem of facial skin allergies caused by the birth of the 4th child. The facial skin has not recurred for so many years.

Then to improve her little daughter’s nasal allergy problem, she never left the tissue before, and finally to improve her mother’s blood pressure, and under the doctor’s observation, she is also reducing blood pressure medicine. It’s really good. Happy for them, if they hadn’t encountered Nefloo products, do you think they would still have such a healthy and high-quality life today?  I think the parties know best!

I hope that friends who haven’t used it yet come to us to understand, because health really can’t wait~

Improvement of Gong Yuecheng AGM ‘s daughter’s eczema and her own insomnia migraine issues. See the transformation in the child’s joints and Gong AGM ‘s appearance.

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