Complete Employee Discipline System

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The system that takes care of employee violations—drama free, objectively, and efficiently.

If you’re a business owner, a manager or supervisor who is in charge of disciplining your team, then you’ll love the step-by-step system taught in this book. This book will teach you:

– The ability to identify any bad habits or beliefs you have about discipline in the Philippine setting;

– The 3 most important legal concepts you need to learn to win discipline cases in the NLRC;

– A roadmap which shows you exactly where you are in the discipline process and more importantly, what the next step is wherever you are;

– The most powerful tool given to you by the labor code so you can impose order in the workplace;

– How to make policies that employees actually want to follow;

– How documentation should be done and how this can save you;

– What are your options when dealing with investigations of offenses;

– What legal documents are required by law in discipline cases and what they should contain;

– How to serve these notices drama-free and efficiently;

– What should you consider when you are deciding on the penalty to impose;

– What to do if the case matures into a labor case with the NLRC.


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