Parts Therapy

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We are all an tapestry of parts; within each of us we have our inner child, the emotional parts, the parts that seek understanding, the shadows and so much more.  When these parts are not fully integrated or accepted we can be left feeling undone, broken, overwhelmed, unable to cope. This meditation will guide you to finding, supporting, healing and integrating a part of yourself. This is a very powerful meditation intended to reintroduce you to your inner child or a part of you that has been wounded. Please be sure to take care of yourself by drinking water, taking time to journal and possibly resting afterwards.  

-Fully HD compliant

-Beautiful vocals from Christine Borschneck

-Supra and subliminal frequency infused

-Scales to any device (Pc, Laptop, Mobile)

-Downloadable MP4

-Meditation length 16 minutes


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