Release Your Fears And Anxiety

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Whether you are;

~ studying for a test

~ experiencing shame and anxiety from premature ejaculation

~ terrified to speak in public

~ in your final transitions of life and have fear about crossing over 

This meditation is for you.  It reached the depths of your mind where your deepest insecurities and fears live.  The more you do this meditation, the more fears and anxiety you release.  I would love to aid you on your journey to gaining the control of your life by eliminating fear and anxiety.  This is the perfect tool for you if you are ready to let go of what’s been holding you back. 

 -Awesome and stunning visualizations

-Fully HD compliant

-VR capable

-Enhanced binaural experience

-Supra and subliminal sound frequency induction.

-Beautiful vocals by Christine Borschneck

-Meditation length 9 minutes


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