SEO Consultation – Standard

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Our standard audit provides you with complete insight into your website’s online presence, compare metrics that matter against your competitors, and help detect opportunities that can increase your overall web performance.
>Backlink Assessment
-Spammy, Toxic, Irrelevant Backlink

-Excessive exact Matches

-Minimal Branding
>Competitor Analysis (Up to 3 Competitors)

-Domain Age

-Trust Flow

-Citation Flow

-Domain Authority

-Page Authority
>Backlink Portfolio
-Number of Backlinks

-Number of Referring Domains

-Anchors Cloud
>Rank Equity
-Numer of Ranking Terms (Ahrefs)

-Top 10 Ranking Keywords
>Indexed Content
-Indexed Pages


-Content Volume (Homepage)

-Outbound Dofollow links

-Internal Links

-XML Sitemap


-Text/HTML Ratio
>Meta Content
-Page Title

-Meta Description


-Alt Tags (Homepage)

-Page Loading Speed (Homepage)
-Google Analytics

-Google Search Console
-Social Media Buttons
>Competitor Social Media Analysis: Facebook
-Number of Likes

-Number of Followers

-Average Number of Monthly Posts

-Content Post Types

-Number of Reviews

-Ave. Review Score

-FB Page Creation Date (Est.)
>Competitor Social Media Profile: Twitter
-Number of Followers

-Number of Likes

-Number of Tweets

-Twitter Page Creation Date

-Content Post Types

-Average Number of Monthly Posts
>Competitor Social Media Profile: Instagram
-Number of Followers

-Number of Posts

-Average Number of Monthly Posts

-Content Post Types
>Content Assessment
-Indexed Content

-Duplicate Content

-Keyword Presence

-Image Alt Tags

-URL Optimization

-OnPage Blog Content for Freshness
>Indexed Content

-Originality / Duplication

-Keyword Presence

-Competitive Content Volume Analysis

-Internal Linking Support

-Content Formats / Rich Media

-Image Alt Tags

-URL Optimization

-Freshness | Blog Content
>Initial Data Assessment
-Google Indexed Pages

-Duplicate Content Index

-Mirror Site Presence

-XML Sitemap Presence

-Google Search Console Crawl Errors

-Google Search Console Manual Actions
>Keywords Assessment & Recommendations
-Business Analysis

-Target Audience

-Branded Keyword Identification

-Generic Keyword Matching

-Keyword Selection
>Meta Content Data Report




-Alt Tags
>Ranking Equity
-3rd Party Tool Ranking Equity

-Branding Equity

-Local Equity
>Silo Structure
-Click Depth of Target Pages
>Tools Setup & Integration
-Google Search Console

-Google Analytics Setup

-Phone Number

-Clickable Logo

-Above the Fold Content


-Incoming Internal Links

-Outbound Internal Links

-Image Count

-Social Buttons

-Calls To Action Buttons
>Website Performance Assessment
-Web 2.0/HTML 5

-HTTPS Check

-Website Mobile Responsiveness


-Site Speed Assessment

-301 Redirection

-404 Page Check

-Duplicate Site Check


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