Short Guided Meditation

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This meditation is accompanied by visualizations and subliminal and supra-liminal frequencies which will assist you; the busy professional, housewife or caretaker to transcend your reality just for a moment and come back to…You.  

So often we find ourselves flying off the handle at those we love, feeling overwhelmed or just ‘burnt out’, with this mediation it allows you to regroup quickly and efficiently.  

Remember we are but one person, put the burdens down and just breath into your own awareness for a moment.  I will be here to guide and support you.

-Relaxing and time aware meditation

-Subliminal layers to assist trance induction naturally and quickly

-Supraliminal theta wave binaural beats

-Visualizations for those that prefer open eye meditation

-VR compatible

-Vocals by Christine Borschneck

-Meditation length 9 minutes


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