SMD (™) High Pressure Shower Head for Bathroom with 300 Holes Water Saving Shower Head

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SMD (™) High Pressure Shower Head for Bathroom with 300 Holes Water Saving Shower Head 


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  • If you have low water pressure or just want some insane pressure boosting, SMD(™) Showerhead delivers. Hundreds of nozzles are laser cut to create a surface that highly pressurizes the water.
  • With its spray face design, SMD(™) Shower Head is able to deliver incredible pressure without jacking up your water bill. And it all starts with the Ionic Spray Face which has over a hundred laser cut holes.
  • SMD(™) Showerhead is well-known to be the Best High Pressure Shower Head due to its revolutionary design of the sprayer wand and shower jets
  • These super fine holes increase the pressure through the shower head and creates this force of water that feels like standing near a waterfall.
  • Of all of the shower heads that we’ve run through our water pressure tests, the SMD(™) Handshower stands alone at the top.
  • A filtered shower head that harnesses the power of Maifan Stones which are Bio-Active Minerals to restore balance to the oil glands in your skin. With your oil glands balanced you will experience softer and rejuvenated hair and skin.
  • SMD(™) Shower Head has a Powerfull Boosting Spray 
  • The micro-hole design will save you water while also enhancing your water pressure due to its innovative design.
  • SMD(™) Shower Head has a high flow rate where most other shower heads don’t even come close. This saves you money without losing the benefit of water pressure.
  • Along with this, the filter removes chemicals from your daily routine making this a one of a kind shower head.
  • Overall, you just can’t go wrong with the SMD(™) Shower Head, making it the best shower head with high pressure that you’ll find.


Handheld Shower Head Chrome

Multi-layer chrome finish, build to resist scratches, corrosion and tarnishing

Universal 1/2¡ IPS connection fits most shower hoses

High quality material, ensuring quality and longevity

Material:ABS plastic


Package Includes:

1pc High Pressure Shower Head









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Weight 100 lbs

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