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Testimony for improving overall wellness –  lumbar disc herniation, knee degeneration, periarthritis, blood pressure

Today, while on the road with Jane from Hong Kong, we talked about how she came across Negative Ion products. She had a serious lumbar disc herniation, knee degeneration, periarthritis, cervical vertebrae, numbness in head, unable to raise her limbs, high blood pressure and pain in her heart.

She invested in the products at the anniversary event in April. From what I remembered, she was smelling like ointment at the event. This was probably due to her long term medical history at the various western and Chinese clinics and the various treatments she had received like Acupuncture, Tuina, Massages and so on.

Upon hearing that Negative Ion products could improve her conditions, she decided to invest and use them for herself. She bought a scarf and a blanket. After using them for a month, she saw great improvements in her cervical vertebrae. Subsequently, with continuous usage, her periarthritis shoulder and her knees improved! Jane was so happy because she could finally bid farewell to all those unpleasant smells of ointments which followed her everywhere.

She is very thankful to the Negative Ion clothes for improving her life. She now sees the doctor much lesser, saving her plenty of time and money.

After experiencing the benefits of Negative Ion clothes, Jane immediately thought of her 80-year-old mother, who needed the products as much as her. Jane went to invest in a whole set of Negative Ion clothes for her mother and after using, her blood pressure level dropped, stomach became smaller, back pain improved and now has the strength to walk.







Testimony for Varicoseveins and Spinal

From Hong Kong

Before using the product, Hong Ping suffered from severe headaches, body and back pain. Despite taking numerous supplements, going for treatments and taking large amounts of painkillers, the pain was so unbearable that she had suicidal thoughts.

She was diagnosed with a misalignment of the 3rd and 4th vertebral segments of her cervical spine, and misalignment of the tailbone. These pressed on the nerves, causing pain to radiate into the body, and experience cramps and paralysis in hands and legs.

Thankfully, Hong Ping was introduced to negativeionclothes and the beddings. With the high density of negative ions, in just 3 months and a week, all pain and numbness disappeared, and there was a great improvement in her varicose veins. Throughout this period and ever since she did not have to take a single painkiller!

Thank you for making such a great product!


經過好姐妹阿均介紹用了妮芙露公司大量負離子產品! ✌才3個月零一個星期。手腳沒痛了,沒痲痹了! 靜脈曲張也好了好多!連感冒藥都沒吃過一粒,感謝妮芙露岀了這麼棒的產品!感謝阿均。

Today we have sharing from Tian Tian ( HK). She is a nurse by training and practiced nursing for many years. She got to know Nefful from a good friend and invested Nefful to help in her son’s sinus issues.

The bedding items and pyjamas helped her son breathe normally through his nose after four nights which greatly surprised her as he had difficulty to do so for many years.

Then she invested bedding and clothing full set for her parents in China as she couldn’t take care of them being so far away. Her dad later commented that thanks to Nefful, he could have a quality life at old age and outlived his relatives.

She was also very touched to see how her mum recovered so well after using high density Nefful during a fall which caused cracks in her spine. She herself also had many autonomic health situations that coexisted as norm previously  reversed.

She said thanks to Nefful clothing she saw many medical conditions transformed, lives and quality of life changed. She also mentioned Nefful made her able to have freedom of time and ability to make many changes and have high adaptability with positive mindset and love for people. Helping many people and their families.

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