The Amaharo Udeseke Basket – Ethically handmade in Rwanda

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These beautifully handmade baskets were ethically sourced in Rwanda at the NGO our volunteer Tina started. She shipped them all the way from Rwanda to the USA. Normally these donation baskets are auctioned and they usually go for $150 dollars or more. The full proceeds of these go to The Plural Association Nonprofit and the warmline project that we are fundraising for. We can only ship these within the USA.

”The Amaharo udeseke is a basket very ingrained in Rwandan culture. Dancers dance with baskets on their heads. Women pass small baskets to share secrets with other women. “Amaharo” means “peace.” These beautiful baskets were donated by Tina, a Plural system who volunteers not only for The Plural Association. She also works with an NPO that provides people with nutritional assistance, no matter what, among other things. The average monthly income in Rwanda is around $30. The women who weave these baskets are taught, given all materials, and Tina paid them for their work herself. They are also given help to work on budgeting, saving, and working towards their personal goals, which they have the opportunity to do through this program.
Each basket is approximately 12” wide. We randomly select one for you.”

The Plural Association is the first grassroots, peer-led, volunteer ran nonprofit for people living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Other Specified Dissociative Disorder and all other forms of Multiplicity under the Plural umbrella. Our nonprofit depends fully on community and ally support. All proceeds of this store go towards The Plural Association Nonprofit and helps to support The Plural Warmline, where Systems and their headmates can share their stories and worries with a trained, peer support Plural volunteer. Together we empower more Plurals, thank you for shopping at The Plural Association Store!


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