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Testimony for High cholesterol, thyroid gland, joint pain & sleep

From Jasmine, one of my customers, Peggy, had high cholesterol, thyroid gland issues, joint pain problems and poor quality of sleep. Last year, she started using the Negative Ion Clothes supporters and underwear. A year later, started to layer with the bed sheet and blanket, strengthening the concentration of negative ions.

Within ten months, her cholesterol reduced, joint pains improved and spine began to straighten. Now, she’s in good spirits! I just met her and she’s very happy to share her experience with others! Awesome!


这是我一位顾客peggy/她有高胆固醇/ 甲状腺及关节疼痛的问题!睡眠质量差!从去


Testimony for Thyroid Tumor

Thyroid tumor sharing from Hong Kong partners.

Thanks to my girlfriend of many years because of her trust in me. Her thyroid tumor has a large number. She took full-use products in this month, and the tumor has been shrunk. The last time have been undergoing surgery for 20 years, this time recurring (Figure 1, before), She have a good time to sleep.

The negative ions change her mood, the more she uses her confidence, the more she uses her life, the more she hopes to regain her life. Unlike the previous time, she always felt that there was a time bomb to detonate at any time. Hualing herself expected this effect for two years ( Figure 2, today’s photo), I can’t think of it so fast, I am amazed [Ouye! I believe there is a miracle! ! 

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