Ultimate Text-To-Speech to turn any text into audio.

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Whether you need a voiceover for your next video presentation or podcast or want to create an audiobook, We can do it all in seconds. We can easily create engaging and persuasive audio content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

With 65 languages and over 700 voices, you can even turn your blog post from English to French, paste in the article, and we do all the work.

Better still, with this offer, you get not only the Standard Voices but the Neural Voices which, with our technology, you would struggle to tell it was A.I. and not a real person!

Convert your text document to the highest quality text to speech with My Paid Premium Software Tools which will provide you the real human voices. Which is the upgraded version of Google WaveNet, Amazon Polly, or Microsoft Azure voices. I have tools that allow me to quickly convert large documents and spreadsheets overcoming Google’s limit of 5000 characters per request. 100+ real human voices in 30 languages are available.

But I’ll covert for you without any character limitation (Please Contact).

Popular Languages:

  1. English (UK+US)
  2. Arabic
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Norwegian
  7. Spanish
  8. Portuguese
  9. Chinese
  10. Romanian

& more AI voices with all the Languages!

  • Narration can be customized for speed and voice pitch. Audio can be provided as an mp3, wav, or any kind of music file.
  • Trust me you will get the best quality audio file. (wav, mp3, etc)

The base price includes minor editing to get a good Text-To-Speech conversion, but it is always best to contact me. First, send me the text you want to convert, so I can send you a sample, and a quote, since each text is different in the amount of editing it needs.

  • Send me a sample of your document and I will send you back an audio sample.


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