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Testimony for Varicose Veins

Many thanks to retired nurse Ms Cai, for selflessly sharing her experience.

I am a retired nurse. Because of my husband’s health issues, especially Varicose Veins, he could not sleep properly. He has been praying and in search of solutions to improve the health of our family.

After a recommendation from his friend and taking a leap of faith, he bought a full set of Negative Ion clothes home to use with the family. Just after 23 days, the Varicose Veins on my husband’s feet improved significantly!

Thank you to God for listening to our prayers!

We’re so thankful for these Negative Ion Clothes for being such effective products and hope that they can help more people to improve their health conditions. We also thank God for knowing these lovely bunch of people, we’re grateful to Qiao Yun and Si Ting for their help.







Testimony for Varicose Veins, Spinal Issue

From Hong Kong

Before using the product, Hong Ping suffered from severe headaches, body and back pain. Despite taking numerous supplements, going for treatments and taking large amounts of painkillers, the pain was so unbearable that she had suicidal thoughts.

She was diagnosed with a misalignment of the 3rd and 4th vertebral segments of her cervical spine, and misalignment of the tailbone. These pressed on the nerves, causing pain to radiate into the body, and experience cramps and paralysis in hands and legs.

Thankfully, Hong Ping was introduced to negative ion clothes and the beddings. With the high density of negative ions, in just 3 months and a week, all pain and numbness disappeared, and there was a great improvement in her varicose veins. Throughout this period and ever since she did not have to take a single painkiller!

Thank you for making such a great product!


經過好姐妹阿均介紹用了妮芙露公司大量負離子產品!✌才3個月零一個星期。手腳沒痛了,沒痲痹了! 靜脈曲張也好了好多!連感冒藥都沒吃過一粒,感謝妮芙露岀了這麼棒的產品!感謝阿均。各位區總/各位伙伴!所有行動精神上大力支持!

Testimony for Varicose Veins, Hearing Improvement

My grandma brought me up since young. I am thankful that my 85-year-old grandma is still living healthily. Since she was 67 years old, she has been suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer and the post-surgery side effects have been tormenting her for 18 years.

I was still young then and didn’t know what was going on. I only remember going to the hospital once with my dad to visit my grandma. She lay on the hospital bed, motionless. I remember my grandpa’s teary eyes and expression and his eagerness to find out about grandma’s progress. I love my grandma with my heart and soul.

I believed that I was a filial granddaughter. It touches me whenever my grandma says that I am a filial granddaughter. When I first started working with a monthly salary of $3000, I used my whole month’s salary to install an air-conditioner for my grandma because I couldn’t bear to see her hot during summer or cold in winter.

As my salary increased, I changed a new television for my grandmother. I have also been paying the water, electricity and gas bills for more than 2 years now. Even though grandma doesn’t want me to do so and nags at me to be frugal and save money, she selflessly thinks of me, praying for me every day and hoping that I will be happy.

When I hear about how the side effects of phototherapy and chemotherapy would cause the skin in her mouth to rot such that she can’t swallow her saliva; how she would wake up in the middle of the night due to the nerves in her neck and how she would keep hitting her legs till dawn with her hands or a stick due to the pain from the varicose veins in her calf, until the time she went deaf, what could I do?

All I could do is feel heartache for my grandma and helplessness as I listened to her painful encounters. Other than making an appointment for her to see the doctor, there was nothing else I could do as I could neither experience the pain on her behalf nor reduce the pain she suffered.

In January 2017, after hearing the testimony from one of the negative ion clothes users who had nasopharyngeal cancer, I went back to Shanghai over Chinese New Year and enthusiastically told my grandma about it.

Grandma told me that she is old and not to waste good products and money on her. I didn’t listen and spent half my bonus on buying a full set for grandpa and grandma. I told grandma that I wanted to start a business and her wearing it well would be a living advertisement. Grandma reluctantly agreed so that I could have a smooth-sailing career and used it intensively.

• From February, she started using pain relief sticker patches
• From March, she started using the negative ions bedding and blanket
• In April, she started wearing innerwear and knee guards
• In June, she wore a short coat vest
• In July, she started mixing and matching

She would tell me the small changes she experienced such as a reduction in the frequency that her leg would hurt at night, what she could hear, and how she experienced radical improvement for the pain in her legs. Now, she is diligently wearing the negative ions eye mask and hoping that the 9-layers negative ions eye mask can change grandpa’s eye condition for the better.

I am really grateful to my grandma, who insisted on using the bedding and blanket even though it got so hot in summer while not switching on the air-conditioner. Grandma was focused on seeing the effects in return for her granddaughter’s filial piety, and being such an expensive product, this intention helped grandpa and grandma to achieve unexpected results in a faster time.

I am thankful for the existence of negative ions. I can look after my family and do my part for filial piety. I know negative ion products are not cheap, but shouldn’t we be filial while the person is still alive? I cannot bear to see my loved ones in pain. Even if grandpa or grandma passes away one day, I hope that it is painless.

Before that, I hope that they can live a quality life without having to worry about us! As the negative ion beddings need to be washed every 2 weeks, I ensure it is clean before sending it over. This gives me more chances to visit my grandparents who look forward to seeing me every day.

Today I went over to my grandparents to pass them clean quilts. Before leaving, grandma passed me a box of milk and called me baby….

我的奶奶,从小一路拉扯我长大,感恩上天让85岁的奶奶依然健健康康的存活至今,上天垂怜,这位坚强的老人已经患鼻咽癌整整18年,在她67岁的时候,上天的这个玩笑让她虽然活下来却被术后后遗症折磨了整整18年……我记得当时我还小,我不太懂,我只记得和爸爸去医院看过一次奶奶,奶奶在病床上躺着一动不动,我还依稀记得爷爷眼泪汪汪的神情,以及爷爷等待奶奶病情进展的急迫心情。我爱我的奶奶 。






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