VEDA Digital Membership & Loyalty Cards

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Investing in punch cards for your loyalty program can feel like you’re throwing money away. Because your customers keep losing track of their loyalty cards, your promotional efforts are barely making an impact on your sales. But what if you could give customers digital loyalty cards that they could literally access at all times?

Customers can add your digital card to their Apple Wallet and Google Pay in a few seconds by scanning a unique QR code.

Use the built-in CRM to send push notifications for surveys, offers, and transaction information—no expensive SMS plan required!

Plus, you can set automated push notifications that trigger after a certain amount of time, within specified distance of your business, or after a customer makes a purchase.

Do you have an active and growing membership? Leverage our Digital Membership cards to stay connected with your members. 

Launch your loyalty program with digital loyalty cards and membership cards today. 


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