Video Lesson: [A0] Alphabet

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This introductory video lesson will teach you about the Spanish alphabet, sounds and pronuntiation.



Are you having problems scheduling your lessons? Are you struggling with your time and energy in a 1 to 1 lesson with your teachers? Are you willing to focus on concrete difficult topics at your own pace? Do you need to revise, over and over and over again a topic you are insecure with?

You’re in the right place! We’re offering you our most interesting topics pre-recorded for you to revise whenever you want and as many times you need!

These prerecorded video lessons are carefully prepared to review the most tricky topics when learning Spanish. These topics include enough content to save you more than one lesson, at least, with a professional teacher.

The “Alphabet” pack is worth nearly one hour and a half of video content, where we are explaining how the Spanish alphabet works, its pronunciation, how to spell and we will have fun with a song for you to practice what you’ve learned. Even if the content is aimed for A0-A1 level, we will also recommend any other levels to acquire it if you haven’t learned this topic properly or if you’re having trouble with your pronunciation or accent.

[After the payment, you will be given access to the course within 48 hours (working days).]

[Due to the nature of our knowledge-based products & services, and having in mind this course has instant downloadable content, we won’t accept refunds.]


– The letters of the Spanish alphabet

– The sounds in Spanish language

– How to spell words in Spanish

– Different sounds for the same letters

– Pronunciation of difficult sounds

– Some basic vocabulary to practice with


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