Workshop-Chemical Elements. Atomic Structure. Electron Configuration

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Master 3 ESSENTIAL High School Chemistry Chapters in Just 3 Sessions With The GET 10 METHOD!!

Is your teen lost and struggling with his high school chemistry class?

Is his teacher going too fast and he just doesn’t get it?

Did he already receive some poor grades at chemistry tests?

Is he struggling with chemical elements, atomic structure, electron configurations, and the periodic table?

Do you want him to catch up on these topics that are ESSENTIAL for being able to go through this chemistry class?

This LIVE Workshop will get him to catch up & MASTER these difficult concepts and get ahead in his Chemistry Class!

This is a 3-sessions workshop with LIVE teaching of the NO-FLUFF & ABSOLUTELY MUST-KNOW concepts and with HANDS-ON EXERCISING.

The LIVE classes will take place on Zoom on December 11, 13, and 15 at 4.00 pm EST.

A recording will also be made available for a limited time for the students who cannot attend live.

Surprise BONUS!!! INTENSIVE Exercise Session, LIVE class on Zoom on December 17, at 4.00 pm EST.

The exercise class gets your teen to practice & solidify through carefully chosen exercises what he had learned in this workshop so that he can work exercises like a BOSS!

Get you and your teen stress-free! Take the leap now from LOST & STRUGGLE to MASTER & ACE these MOST IMPORTANT concepts so that he can BOOST his grades and ACE his chemistry class!

Only 30 places are available at this no-brainer price!!

Secure your teen’s place NOW to END THE STRUGGLE & Learn FAST and EFFECTIVE with the GET 10 Method!!


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