Workshop-Periodic Table & Periodic Trends+ Intensive Exercise Session + Graded Test + Bonus Session Test Discussion and Feedback

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Workshop + Intensive Exercising & Quizzes “Periodic Table & Periodic Trends” to catch up with the difficult concepts of affinity, electronegativity, the periodic table, and periodic trends!!
I’m offering this NO-FLUFF Workshop at this Special Price ONLY on this page, so don’t miss it out because you cannot get it after that anywhere on my website!!
Add this workshop to the “Chemical Elements. Atomic Structure. Electron Configuration” workshop & get your teen set up for success by acquiring the most important knowledge for any High School Chemistry Class!
This is a 3-sessions workshop with LIVE teaching of the NO-FLUFF & ABSOLUTELY MUST-KNOW concepts and with HANDS-ON Exercises & Quizzes.
Bonus session: Graded test & discussion & correcting exercises & feedback
The LIVE classes will take place on Zoom on December 17, 19, 20, and 22 at 4.00 pm EST.
A recording will also be made available for a limited time for the students who cannot attend live.
Get you and your teen stress-free! Take the leap now from LOST & STRUGGLE to MASTER & ACE these MOST IMPORTANT concepts so that he can BOOST his grades and ACE his chemistry class!


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