Yellow Pencil Pro – Visual CSS Style Editor v7.5.6

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Yellow Pencil Pro Plugin is a live editor plugin and site layout and template customization without the need for any coding knowledge. These changes are beyond your professional imagination and make you more professional and very easy to edit your own templates. Allows you to change and edit tags. Allows you to edit your template as you like without a single line of coding and with just a few clicks. With the Yellow Pencil plugin you can color, place, size, background without the need for coding. And change everything else you like with just one click and drop.

YellowPencil Pro provides everything that you need for customizing your site design. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag & drop, measuring tool as well as a ton resource that background patterns, google fonts, and trend color palettes also it has an advanced responsive tool which allows you to customize your site for any screen size.


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