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Earn247.net is a professional digital agency. We're setup to assist and supply clients with a full suite of digital products and services - your ONE place for digitising your business online and in some cases offline too. Please read the following policies before committing to any product or service purchase from us. We thank you for your custom.

The purchase of a "Logo" or "Website" plan (or package) does not include - as a purchase or renewal of - any web Domains, Managed DNS, Email servers, email related services, Service Level Agreements, add-on Security, add-on Tools or any Subscription packs. These must be purchased in addition to the design of logo and/or website.

Tools: When requested, we can lodge recommendations, requests and/or complaints by contacting suppliers/providers and work with those services in a bid to improve or remedy an issue. Tools supplied by us are third party tools that we own licenses for use/distribution or agency, or we have service agreements with i.e. we are affiliates of theirs for sales/support purposes.

Email Services: We provide Email Servers through a reputable provider who does NOT allow or provide marketing email services; please do not sign up for our premium email if your intention is not to maintain business level quality, email domain-address - sender reputation. We are able to suggest alternatives if your use-case is for marketing email and SMTP. Email services provided are a premium-business quality and include unlimited domains, email addresses, aliases and forwards; also the tools to setup and manage those services professionally.

Subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded. We do not recommend changing the Subscription until you're within ONE MONTH of renewal - that is one month prior to your subscription renewal. From the time the service is changed, the newly upgraded or downgraded service will become applicable, we do not and cannot provide this service on a pro-rata basis.

If you have a subscription and wish to apply other service items i.e. your subscription does not include DMARC reporting and you wish to have it, you may additionally subscribe to that one additional service. However, if added on a different day, it will reflect a new invoice date and therefore a secondary billing date - a separate billing. You may toggle auto-billing: on/off.

Availability: All services contained within this website are available for purchase EXCEPT our "Tools" as they require client consultation. The consult would aim to understand the clients needs and match a tool to best accommodate. That tool may exist in our agency toolbox, it may otherwise be a recommendation and/or referral. Consultations are bookable in 20 minute blocks - click the red booking image from the product gallery > calendar.

Charges: Some options are for a static (one time) fee i.e. a logo package, website design or setup fee, whilst others are for a monthly or annual fee, typically annual i.e. a domain, managed DNS or email server. Consultation is charged in 20 minute blocks. SLA (Service Level Agreements) are essentially a package of four (4) hours at a reduced rate and based on a priority (three levels). Purchases made on this website are instantly charged (where Stripe - credit/debit card is selected).

We otherwise allow bank transfers (this may take up to five days to verify). We will not be able to complete your order until payment is verified.

Please be advised to FIRST book a consultation if you're unsure which services to purchase - quoting (initial 20 minutes) is free and is not invoiced or charged.

Privacy Policy: Click HERE (view-download)

Refund Policy

If you, the client, have any problem whatsoever, please make contact before initiating any cancelation or complaint with our payment gateway (Stripe) or your credit card provider. 

Refund requests will be responded to within 72 hours - all requests are subject to review.

Refunds will be considered in cases where (in the case of logo or website design) the work delivered does not match the description of work that is purchased or subscribed. Refunds do not apply to work provided in excess of each statement-of-work or quote i.e. where work was done without charge, in remedy of a complaint or discounted for additional work in remedy of a misunderstanding or extended scope of work.

Subscription services cannot be refunded and are NOT provided on a pro-rata basis. They are for one year (annual) and billed on a cycle that corresponds with the payment of your services to third parties. You may otherwise terminate services. For example: A domain - it's paid annually by us, for you, within five working days of receipt of your payment (it could be immediate) and we cannot obtain a refund once a registration or renewal as occurred.

SLA plans cannot be refunded and are NOT provided on a pro-rata basis. However, we are reasonable in allowing unused hours from a prior year to be used in a forward year if the client is on an annual subscription and has subsequently paid for two consecutive years (the prior and the forward). Also, SLA plans cannot be downgraded for a credit. All plans include four (4) hours of time with three (3) levels of priority that is optioned by the client/purchaser (Priority, Business and Standard).

Email Services: Our supplier of email services has a "no refunds" policy. We accept this after many years of working with them, the reasons: 1) They are a premium provider - They maintain reputable IP addresses which means your email is hosted at a premium-business grade, 2) They provide a premium experience - Their portal tools help us to setup and manage your email addresses, aliases, forwards, storage allocations, spam, white/black lists and recent transaction tracking. 3) They are well respected in the industry - They have provided affordable, quality, professional and reliable services for many years.

Consults: Refunds cannot be provided in the case of Consultation provided. We aim to provide the absolute best advice we can and recommend plans, tools, providers or otherwise. However, we cannot guarantee or provide warranty for third parties.


Earn247.net is a trading name and domain name as owned by Mr. James Brien (sole trade).

Statement: I am a nomad and constantly travel. The best way to reach me is either via WhatsApp or Email.

Physical - Singapore Address: 2 Kallang Avenue #03-08, CT Hub, Singapore: 339407.
Postal - New Zealand Address: PO Box 15615, Dinsdale, Hamilton: 3243

WhatsApp or Signal: +65 8315-4301

Email: james@earn247.net

All rights reserved.

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