What is productivity and how to increase it

The subsequent productivity article will reveal ways to increase productivity to reach a significant and steady growth improvement in the long run for your freelance business. But first, lets check out the definition of productivity: Productivity is a measure of output per unit of an input, from a specific production process. It is not the degree of a man’s ability nor the scale of his work that is relevant here, but the fullest and most purposeful use of one’s mind. Productivity is the process of achieving your values and it determines the hierarchy of all other values. That being said, productivity doesn’t necessarily mean working a lot of time or making a lot of money, but rather creating a lot of value that is coherent with one’s goals and purpose. For some, value can be to work remotely or to make a creation specific to one’s vision.

So what’re the benefits of a bigger personal productivity? – The more effectively you operate the more skin in the game you will have, moreover: increasing productivity enables real opportunities like income growth.

The way to enhance productivity? In your life, you will most likely be faced with task “A” which has to be performed in a particular period of time “X”. More often than not the time period is certainly not infinite so you’ll have to find options that help you to increase productivity – your other tasks B, C and D need to be organized by importance. Productivity is definitely a key element for success since there are situations where it’s absolutely necessary to get lots of work done in a short time period.

Create a summary of all the values that you want to achieve with your work. Then create a task list which needs to be done.

Start by creating a general to do list that lists all of your tasks that should be completed on a regular basis, organized accordingly to their value priority. This will function as general to-do list, the next step is to make a daily to-do list that lists all of your tasks that need to be performed today, once more arranged accordingly to their priority. When creating these lists you need to categorize your tasks from “Very Important” (has to be done instantly), “Not Urgent”, to “Unimportant Urgent” and “Unimportant Not Urgent”.

The key to increase productivity is now to concentrate on your important tasks and just after these jobs are completed, the focus should be on unimportant tasks. Good rule of thumb is to shut down the phone as it will distract you from the most important tasks, interrupt your workflow and will take valuable time away that might have been invested to get more tasks done.

Time management

Effective time management allows individuals to assign time slots to activities based on their importance.
Time management refers to the best possible use of time, as time is always limited. Know which work should be done earlier and which later. An effective time management software is helpful in tracking time and planning work.
With such a tool it is much easier to set personal goals and adhere to them. Whether it’s billing clients or completing your personal goals and tasks, time management tools make it easy for you. One of the cool tools that we use at Gigrove is Google Calendar. Attention management will help you be unleash cognitive resources – so watch out for your thoughts while working.

As they say, business before pleasure: You may increase productivity by focusing on your most disliked task before finishing tasks that you like. However, all the tasks that you are working on should compliment desired goals and don’t be afraid to remove to clutter both from your mind and work.


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