Sell your digital downloads with ease

Your online store on Gigrove comes with the Digital Downloads integration so that you can sell digital products of any kind. Sell your work like graphics, ebooks, videos, audio, software and others. All under your brand.

Digital products of all types

Your feature-rich web store, comes with an ability to easily sell virtually any type of file. The customer goes through a secured checkout and once the payment is completed, they receive a digital copy of your product, which they can download.



Advanced built-in features are there to help you sell like a pro.

Custom product licence
Accept credit card payments
Multiple files per product
Custom product licence
Accept online payments


Flexible features allow you to control the whole purchasing process.

Download expiry date
Media manager
Add staff members

Included with your online store

Your online store on Gigrove comes with automatic integration of digital downloads software – no need to code or for complex setup. It’s free and setting up a sale for your digital product takes only few minutes.

Build your e-commerce app with Gigrove API

Gigrove API enables you to build your own e-commerce apps on top of your online shop from Gigrove. Check the API documentation for more.