How to create an online invoice & get paid

Creating invoices may look like a headache for freelancers and entrepreneurs, however this part of the billing process is essential for conducting a successful business. In the past, invoicing was impossible without paper – including invoices submitted to customers, clients or companies. Whether you’re an entrepreneur needing to submit fees or a freelancer needing to charge a client, there’s absolutely no need to go through the hustle of creating paper invoices. Online invoices are an excellent tool for getting paid and saving time and money on the long run.

With Gigrove, it takes you few minutes to create an invoice that can be payable online. Below, we outlined how to easily create online invoices and send them to your clients in order to pay you, as well best practices to follow when creating an invoice.

Basic invoice details

Every invoice needs to have basic details. When creating an invoice through Gigrove, you need to add the name of your company (or your name) and address, recipient info, invoice items and unique invoice number. We created a simple template that you can add to your invoice creation form. Simply copy and paste the fields below and then fill out the fields in the brackets with necessary information:


DUE DATE: [Final date when the payment needs to be completed]

[Payee Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
Phone: [Phone]
Email Address: [Email]

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]
Phone: [Phone]
Email Address: [Email]

Service and Work Description: [Here you need to mention what you are charging for]


To create an invoice, visit “Add new item” at your Gigrove dashboard. On the next page select “Digital Product” and check the “Invoice” checkbox. If you want to provide files with your invoice, also check the “Downloadable” checkbox which will allow you to add files to your invoice and after purchase is completed, the client will be able to download provided file(s). Next, use the template provided above and it to the “Description” field:


When you publish the invoice, it will be available online with a unique link, which you can share with your client. When the client opens a link, he/she will be presented with the invoice page:

When the client clicks on “Continue to payment”, he/she will be redirected to a checkout page where they can pay for the invoice via credit card or PayPal. In some regions (EU), clients can also pay for the invoice via bank transfer. When the client pays you, you will be notified via email and over dashboard notifications. After the payment is settled, we will send you your funds to a preferred payout method that can be set in your account’s Settings.

If you create an invoice only once through Gigrove, you might use it over and over again for the next clients and billings. You can add a statement template, expense reports, purchase orders alongside other billing documents in the same process. But, it’s faster and easier to just use our ready-made online template.


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