Passion for economy and technology brought us together

Gigrove happened spontaneously and organically. We started as the online community of digital nomads and entrepreneurs – from there the inspiration to start an e-commerce startup was born. We have been particularly fond of gig economy since the early beginnings and were fascinated how it can change the lives for positive for many people. We use London, UK, as our base – but we are very much welcoming remote work.

Our mission is to create new gig economy entrepreneurs and help existing ones through e-commerce infrastructure

Having the background in computer science and economics, Marko Islamovic saw gig economy as something that is new and yet to be developed. Gigrove’s mission is to serve as the e-commerce infrastructure for the gig economy – to unlock skills and bring services online, in a freer and a more just way.

Our Team
Marko Islamovic

Founder & CEO

Luka Zivkovic

Co-Founder & COO

Eva Alos

Project Manager

Boshko Damjanovic

Lead Developer

Valeria Rangel

Lead Designer

Want to work with us?

We are currently looking for talented individuals in software engineering, sales and design backgrounds. Send us your CV at: luka@gigrove.com and we will get back at you if we think that you are fit.