Gigrove Stories: Eno Eka


In this series of Gigrove stories, where we talk with our users, we had a chance to catch up with Eno Eka, a professional business analyst, and business coach.

Hi Eno. We would like to introduce you to our readers. Can you tell us about what you do?

The main services we offer is helping professionals transition into 6 figure tech jobs as Business Analysts through our programs at Business Analysis School.  I decided to become a full-time tech career coach, as an accounting professional who was able to easily transition into IT sector, so many others struggled with this, so I had to fix it and help them live better lives. 

How do you help other businesses?

Our focus is to help entrepreneurs leverage technology to improve business processes, increase efficiency and revenue. I also help professionals as a Business analyst and consultant.

How do you train other businesses?

My consulting services are mostly B2B services where I work with clients for a set time period to achieve certain business goals. My training services are mostly B2B where I help professionals land tech jobs using their existing skills and experience during the allotted weeks of daily training which consists of live calls, online courses, assignments & projects. 

How’s Gigrove helping on with your consulting skills?

I use Gigrove to sell digital downloads and services through Gigrove store.  It has been extremely beneficial in helping me introduce additional income revenue for my business.

Do you have any advice to give to the self-employed?

My advice to the self-employed is to focus their attention on revenue generating activities, and to focus on activities which bring more revenue. I would also advise them to focus on their zone of genius, to leverage technology, and to automate as much as possible.