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Software is eating the world and future depends on the growth of startups, freelancers and small businesses. They are important if we care about better future for all of us. It is clear that future of work is the one on the internet and there’s a need to rethink how freelance businesses can reach their milestones. Obstacles are numerous and they are mostly related to integrating their products and services for the internet commerce format.

Along with exceptional work ethic, freelance businesses require capacity to merge technology and human knowledge, as freelance businesses are small, flexible teams of people, or a single person, it is important to implement best possible e-commerce practices which will allow growth on the internet. Growth is not only an option for business operating on the internet. It is a prerequisite for any meaningful success. Focusing on the substance of the work in the literal sense should be primary concern: How to complete certain tasks, how to apply knowledge, how to manage the clients, how to train and so on.

In the terms of policies and basic resources, small businesses like freelancers were never in better position, according to the World Bank.

While the gig economy has opened doors and helped many people improve their livelihoods, it continues to present challenges, such as increased global competition, a lack of managerial support and a lack of reliable means to sell one’s work, especially when cross-border transactions are involved.

Increasingly, more freelancers are treating themselves as business entities. The “solo entrepreneurs”. Freelancing is more than the service they provide to clients. It also involves branding, marketing, and finance as part of the work. Majority of freelance businesses already have clear business goals, almost all of them see a clear need for additional e-commerce tools to help them sell their work online.

With Gigrove, we want to enable freelance businesses from around the world to focus on the substance of their work and to provide them with best in class e-commerce tools. We are excited to see how you will use Gigrove to sell your professional products and services.


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