Gigrove wins “Top E-commerce Perfomer” award from Capterra

Hard work from our team pays off - we've won another award for Gigrove. This time, review service, "Capterra", has included Gigrove on their "Top E-commerce Performer" shortlist. We've been selected out of 1000s of e-commerce products. Capterra selects and ranks products based on an objective methodology developed by their research team. Still haven't created… Add to cart

10 Things You Need To Thrive In The Gig Economy

The gig economy is defined as the part of the labor market focused on contractual, short-term, and freelance jobs accomplished by individuals working as “solopreneurs”, in direct contrast to full-time employees.    The gig economy originated from the global financial crisis of 2007, which prompted companies to resort to hiring talent for short term projects… Add to cart

Gigrove earns “Best Value” award from Capterra

Finding the right software is not an easy task. Reviews help throughout the purchase process, but buyers often have trouble finding their best software solutions. End users could use more help to identify the highest rated software when it comes to the specific features and attributes they care about the most. The Gartner Digital Markets… Add to cart

Notes on the human ingenuity, economy, ecology and beyond

Marko Islamovic, Founder @ Gigrove I'm writing this post from my home while seeing the news how vaccines for Covid19 are being rapidly distributed in many countries around the world. 2020 was a weird year, and although it brought us many challenges and hardships, I am more than ever impressed by the human ingenuity. Just… Add to cart