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  4. Added optimization tweaks to improve page speed

We know that serving your store fast is important. We’ve added numerous optimization tweaks on the backend to help increase the page speed.  You will notice that your stores are now loading faster.

Here are some tweaks that we did:

  1.  Added HSTS condition to reduce browser redirections. This basically tells the browser to serve the page right away from the HTTPS.
  2.  Memcached is active on all stores. It serves as the database caching for large datasets and reducing the times objects are read.
  3.  Automatically minifying .css, .js and .html.
  4.  Images and resources are optimized and delivered via CDN.
  5.  Added browser caching.
  6.  Brotli compression.

And more..

Check speed test results of some of our stores here and here.