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Gigrove offers two types of localizations: free and premium. Free localization is included with every account, and it includes:

  • Automated translation of the store pages, hosted by Gigrove and hosted by custom domain name
  • Automated translation of the product/service pages
  • Translation of the dashboard pages
  • Translation of order notification emails

Customers can shop in their native language if:

  1. Their browser language matches the available languages
  2. If they select a language in the language selector in your store

Currently, free translations service supports following available languages: English(en), German(de), Spanish(es), French(fr), Dutch(nl), Italian(it) and Portuguese(pt). For more languages, please refer below to Premium translation service. 

Gigrove offers the ability to provide premium localization to your customers and serve customers with dedicated localization. Dedicated localization is great if you want to target different international markets, since your store will be index by search engines in the selected language. Premium localization is meant for businesses who want to serve their customers through dedicated localized domain name, with a language extension, e.g. “mystore.com/de” and it includes:

  • Translation of the store page
  • Translation of the gig pages
  • Translation of dashboard pages
  • Translation of order notification emails

Depending on your needs, you can either use free localization service, or upgrade to Premium localization. To upgrade to Premium localization is easy, simply follow the link and upgrade to your preferred language.

Premium translation service supports +100 languages.