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To keep your accounts safe, we’ve implemented two-factor authentication. When you sign in to your Gigrove account, you’ll be asked to complete 2-factor authentication.

You’ll be asked to input a one-time authentication code, which you will receive as SMS on your phone number:


Enter the one-time code. Your one-time code expires after 240 seconds. If you don’t enter the one-time code within that period, you will have to request a new code.

We are gradually moving the log in for all Gigrove accounts to two-factor authentication. Even tough it is not required to set your two-factor authentication number at the moment (you can still log in with your email and password), we definitely recommend you to do so. To set your two-factor auth number, and enable log in via SMS, please follow instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Gigrove account.
  2. Visit Account Details page.
  3. Then add the phone number in the account details form.
  4. When you are ready, click on “Save changes”. You will be prompted to enter the one-time SMS code.

What can you do to help keep your account safe?

  1. Never share your account information with anyone
  2. Keep your password safe
  3. Use two-factor authentication
  4. Consider WiFi networks as untrusted, only connect to those who you trust

Keeping your account safe isn’t hard – it’s about small choices when managing your everyday business to keep your account safe. Because when it comes to selling online, a little extra caution is always in order.