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Gigrove provides you with the possibility to include sales tax on the checkout. Currently, only businesses from US, EU, UK and Australia are able to charge sales tax. The rest of the countries should enter the prices for products normally and calculate taxes through bookkeeping tools.

Enabling sales tax for your gigs in easy. Gigrove provides live tax rates for UK, US, EU and Australia – which are applied automatically on the checkout, based on the customer’s billing location. Gigrove includes any taxes in the total price, so you should enter the prices that are inclusive of any taxes.

Here’s how to enable automated tax rates for EU. The same settings apply for US, UK and Australia sales tax:

On your “Add new gig” page, scroll down to tab section and select “EU VAT”:

Your work is pretty much done here. We will use EU VAT rates from our database to automatically calculate and apply tax calculation on the checkout, based on the customer’s location. In this example, we’ve set our billing country to be “Spain” – and it automatically applied the current VAT rate for Spain:


If you are from the EU, and you would like to process B2B orders and in the same time exclude any sales taxes on the checkout, businesses shopping with you are able to validate their VAT number. If the VAT number enter is valid and correct, the sales tax will be removed.


If the VAT number is invalid, we will prompt your B2B customer to enter the valid VAT number.

Removing sales taxes from your gig

If you would like to exclude customers from being charged with sales taxes, you can select the “Zero rate” option. This option will not apply any kind of sales tax rate on the checkout.

Export orders for bookkeeping

If you would like to calculate taxes with a bookkeeping software instead, you can easily export order from the “Orders Manager” page, and then by clicking on the type of file that you want to create for the order export. The export file will contain all orders that have been made within your store, with earnings and customer billing information.