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SSL certificate advances online security by encrypting your store’s content and publishing it securely using HTTPS connection. When you add your custom domain name to your Gigrove store, a new, dedicated SSL certificate is created and issued automatically. Customers who use the original URL are redirected automatically to the encrypted online store: the “HTTPS” connection. After you add your custom domain, it can take up to 24 hours for a new SSL certificate to be created and issued. Once the SSL is successfully issued, you will receive a notification in your Gigrove dashboard.

To see the status of the SSL:

  1. Login to your Gigrove Dashboard
  2. Visit “Custom Domain” page

The status will be shown. “Secured” status signifies that your store is served via secured HTTPS connection:

You can also view the status and details of your certificate through your browser. When you visit your store’s domain name, in your browser, click on the “lock” icon next to the domain name:

If you wish to view the details of your certificate, please click on “Certificate”. The popup window will show up with all issuing details for the particular store’s domain name:


SSL certificates are renewed automatically, so there is no further work needed from your side. Reducing the hassle is important for Gigrove, while maintaining security of your store. All Gigrove stores come with free, dedicated SSL.