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You can use Gigrove to sell professional products and services through different online sales formats. Sales formats represent the different e-commerce tools that are provided by Gigrove for you to sell products and services.  Gigrove enables you to connect each sales format with the service type that you provide, so that you and your clients can set and choose an optimal way to purchase your professional products and services.


Available sales formats:

The Web Store – your online website to list products and services.

Appointment Scheduling – to offer time-based services.

File Selling – to sell and deliver digital work like designs, software, music, videos, audio, etc.

Service Invoicing – to manually create payable invoices that you can share with your clients.

Shipping products – sell physical products in your web store with shipping management.


Format eligibility

If your account isn’t eligible for a sales format, then the format doesn’t appear in your dashboard. Some formats require certain additional information in your product and service listings. You might need to change your account’s membership plan before you can use a sales format. To see if the current format is available with you membership plan, visit your profile settings and click on “Membership”. Here you will find out whether your plan provides a specific sales format that you want to use.