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With Digital Downloads integration, you can sell files like vectors, photos, audio, video, documents, software, etc. When you are adding a new a digital product to your web store, on the “Add new product” page, you need to check the “Downloadable” checkbox to indicate that you are selling a downloadable file. If you’re selling a digital product, then you’ll also need to provide files of the product.

To add a file that the client will get when they purchase the product, scroll down on the product submission page and click on “Downloadable”. Here you can upload any files that you want to sell.


Make sure to define the Name of the file as well. If you wish to sell multiple files, simply click on the “cross” icon on the right side of the tab:

If you wish the limit the number of downloads – you can define the number of times that the file can be downloaded in the “Download Limit” field. E.g. if we define “2”, the file download link will expire after the file has been downloaded 2 times.

Once ready, click on “Submit” to publish a product. The product will be automatically visible in your web store, if you didn’t edit the visibility settings.