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There are times when you need to define additional shipping costs for particular regions. In this article, we will explain how to do so. Head over to Shop Settings – Shipping tab. Click on the checkmark to enable shipping.
Now we want to set the regular shipping cost, applicable to all regions, in this example, for New Zealand. Scroll down to set “Ships from” country, select “New Zealand” from the dropdown list, and then set the shipping cost for New Zealand:
Click on “Save” button in the bottom corner when ready. If we go to checkout after saving these settings, and add the shipping country for this checkout at the storefront, the order summary will show that $10 is the cost of shipping:
Ok, we’ve set a general shipping for New Zealand!
– Next step is to add a shipping cost for particular region from New Zealand. We want to go to Shop Settings – Shipping and scroll down – to define the cost of shipping per region.
Here, I’ve defined that the cost of shipping for Auckland is $20.

Once ready, click on “Save”.

If we go to checkout, and fill out the required shipping address fields, with Auckland as our state, it will add a shipping fee of $20. Just like we’ve defined it in the settings above:
And that’s it! We have the cost per shipped region/state set in place.