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Gigrove enables you to sell access to course links, file links, membership links or any links of that matter to your customers, after they complete the purchase. This tool comes handy if you have external content that you want to sell to your customers, or if you want to provide restricted access to those who make a purchase in your store on Gigrove. The Purchase Note, will be shown:

  • On the order confirmation page
  • On the Customer Dashboard page, under “Orders” tab.
  • In the email confirmation, that is sent to your customer when they complete the order

Here is how to include a purchase note. In this example, we are using an Unlisted YouTube link.

  1. Head over to item’s edit page, or go to “Add new item” page to add a new product.
  2. Scroll down to the tabs section, under “Advanced” tab, you will see a “Purchase Note” field, where you can paste your private link:

When you are ready to publish your product, click on “Submit”.

The link we’ve pasted in the “Purchase Note”, will be shown to the customer, after they complete the checkout: