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Important part of running a your freelance business on Gigrove is to understand how orders work. After a client places an order (using any of your active sales format), it appears in the “Orders” page in your dashboard.

Upon receiving an online order through any of the Sales Formats:

  • You will receive a new order notification by email.
  • The Orders page will the new order within a list of all orders.
  • The client receives an order confirmation email.
  • Order processing begins.

We automatically authorize the payment when the client goes through a checkout. This doesn’t make the order “Completed”. To make the order “Completed” and capture the payment, visit the specific order on your “Orders page” and click to edit it. Change the status of the order from “Processing” to “Completed”. If the there is a status is “Pending” it means that client didn’t pay for a product yet – awaiting for payment to be completed by the client.