5 ways for freelancers & entrepreneurs to increase online sales

Finding a way to increase your online sales has become a priority, even if you are not a sales professional. Some people will assert that being a good sales man is an ability that is inherited and also that you are either born with it or you are not. Others think that sales is a skill and it can be learned. For those that think that sales is something which may be developed and learned, we’ve created an overview of best practices and e-commerce tools that freelancers and entrepreneurs can use to increase online sales. Try to practice some of these ideas every day for the next few weeks. After a month, see which ideas worked best for you.


1. Be straightforward about your product or a service

Even tough it might be obvious – but being honest about what you are selling is crucial to increasing online sales. Using too much hyperbole and representing something you can’t do will  hurt you on the long run, because your business will lose reputation with the clients and they will stop buying from you. Don’t create promises you can’t deliver and be aware that today’s clients are sensitive to marketing.  The best way is to be straightforward and approachable. Clients also appreciate when you provide them with more information about your product, so figuring out what’s important for them to know will greatly increase a chance to make your sale.


2. Know your client and audience

The more you know about your clients, the more successful you’ll be. Recognizing their drives, their needs, and their issues is essential to finding a sales chance, building connections, and having the ability to drive and manage sales cycles. Understanding what similar players do and their weaknesses and strengths will assist to develop your product strategy. Clients love when you know how to control your time the more effective you are at controlling it – the more confidence you will get from them.

3. Research and target similar audiences

Similar audiences are basically your prospective clients who share characteristics and behaviors to clients in your database. The best way to know who are similar audience is to use Facebook Ads tool – this will uncover similar audiences with the audience that you targeting.   It is an excellent way to make the data on your existing clients work for you, as it will allow you to expand your client reach with a minimal effort.


4. Use different online sales formats

You can use Gigrove to sell professional products and services through different online Sales Formats. Sales formats represent the different e-commerce tools that are provided by Gigrove for you to sell products and services. Gigrove enables you to connect each sales format with the service type that you provide – the idea is that you and your clients can set and choose an optimal way to purchase your professional products and services. For an example, the Web Store sales format is online home for your freelance business. You can use it to create product and services pages, to publish them, to showcase your business and also to attach personalized domain name. If you’re new to Gigrove, learn quickly how to get started.


5. Communicate your product value

There are many ways to communicate a value of your product, one would be in your product description and through social media. When you’re speaking to prospects on cold calls, in meetings, and also in e-mails, are you discussing how you might help them from a business value standpoint? This is the key as you might have the best products, but if you cannot communicate the value which will assist a prospect to enhance their business, you might be swimming upstream.  Obtaining the most out of each interaction through objective communication is important as every interaction with a prospect is a chance to get information. Information is knowledge. Knowledge will help you make better decisions in your sales process.

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