Analytics in e-commerce

E-commerce, unlike a physical shop business, where one can serve only a certain number of people  – is different. Internet businesses find it that it’s necessary to rely on the numbers, whether counting the amount of visitors that come to the website or counting the amount of orders that have been made for a particular…

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5 ways for freelancers & entrepreneurs to increase online sales

Finding a way to increase your online sales has become a priority, even if you are not a sales professional. Some people will assert that being a good sales man is an ability that is inherited and also that you are either born with it or you are not. Others think that sales is a…

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Starting a freelance business on the internet

Step by step guide to help you launch your small business online. Helping you put your skills and passions to use.       1. Validate your product idea The first step to creating an online freelance business is to validate the idea of the product or a service that you are planning to sell.…

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