Starting a freelance business on the internet

Every entrepenurial story is different and it requires a unique approach to the craft. However, we’ve decided to compile step-by-step guide to help you launch your side project online.        1. Validate your product/service idea The first step to creating an online freelance business is to validate the idea of the product or…

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Gigrove wins “Top E-commerce Perfomer” award from Capterra

Hard work from our team pays off - we've won another award for Gigrove. This time, review service, "Capterra", has included Gigrove on their "Top E-commerce Performer" shortlist. We've been selected out of 1000s of e-commerce products. Capterra selects and ranks products based on an objective methodology developed by their research team. Still haven't created… Add to cart

Gigrove earns “Best Value” award from Capterra

Finding the right software is not an easy task. Reviews help throughout the purchase process, but buyers often have trouble finding their best software solutions. End users could use more help to identify the highest rated software when it comes to the specific features and attributes they care about the most. The Gartner Digital Markets… Add to cart

Analytics in e-commerce

E-commerce, unlike a physical shop business, where one can serve only a certain number of people  – is different. Internet businesses find it that it’s necessary to rely on the numbers, whether counting the amount of visitors that come to the website or counting the amount of orders that have been made for a particular…

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How to create an online invoice & get paid

Creating invoices may look like a headache for freelancers and entrepreneurs, however this part of the billing process is essential for conducting a successful business. In the past, invoicing was impossible without paper – including invoices submitted to customers, clients or companies. Whether you’re an entrepreneur needing to submit fees or a freelancer needing to…

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What is productivity and how to increase it

The subsequent productivity article will reveal ways to increase productivity to reach a significant and steady growth improvement in the long run for your freelance business. But first, lets check out the definition of productivity: Productivity is a measure of output per unit of an input, from a specific production process. It is not the…

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How to find prospective clients for free

To become an effective in sales for your freelance business, it requires finding potential clients, selling them your solutions, and giving excellent value so that the next prospective client will be simpler to get. Much of the freelancers and entrepreneurs don’t get this right from the beginning. They cannot seem to find first potential clients…

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Linear vs Non-linear freelancing – Why you should do both

Freelancing is depicted as empowering, liberating, and glamorous, but the reality behind about structuring freelance work is a bit complicated. In OECD countries, research shows that these kind of individuals officially work in the “Service” sector. The rest are everything from online assistants to architects, designers, developers and photographers.  2017 research found that the vast…

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Establishing trust with clients

Marketing your online business can be hard, but even harder is to place yourself in the shoes of a client. Clients have a necessity to trust the business before they opt to make a purchase. Whenever you believe you have a potential client, you can look at the numerous reasons why they will not want…

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Objective communication: How to talk to your clients

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses spend lot of energy and their time in communication with their clients or audiences. Communication is yet another factor that affects business success. In a business, an entrepreneur should have communication for various functions. Consequently, communicating affects how the work is done and its outcomes. There’s no doubt that communication…

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